The Dominican Republic Has It All-Part 3

We continued our Dominican Republic trip with a short stay in the capital city, Santo Domingo. The city is buzzing and a bit chaotic at times depending on the neighborhood. We stayed at Hostal Nicolas de Ovando located in the heart of the colonial city, where things are a bit more tranquil.   Set in a restored 16th-century building, this refined hotel is within walking distance of most historical spots. The polished rooms are modern and spacious. The pool area is small, but offers fantastic view of the commercial port. A drawback is the noise level from the highway that runs through the rear of the hotel. The staff was friendly and offered great service. Note that they would not accept four people in a double room, apparently there is a maximum limit of three people per room.  Breakfast and parking are complimentary.

Hostal Nicholas de Ovando
Hostal Nicolas de Ovando
Alcázar de Colón
The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor
The Cathedral of Santa María la Menor
The National Pantheon

We visited various sites in the Colonial City and had dinner at Gallo Pinto, a small restaurant which is owned by a friend and just a short Uber drive from the hotel at the Plaza Dorada shopping center. The food was phenomenal, highly recommended.

From Santo Domingo, we headed to Barahona, it’s roughly a three hour drive, but the roads are in good condition and the only roadblocks are driving through the towns of Azua and Bani where you will encounter traffic and have to maneuver on local streets.

IMG_5467Mango stands on the way to Barahona.

I headed to Barahona because I wanted to visit the famed Bahia de las Aguilas (Eagle’s Bay) located at the Jaragua National Park, but I learned that the location is not so close to Barahona and decided to skip it. Additionally, the hotel I was staying at, Casa Bonita, was charging a ridiculous amount per person to take you there.  Casa Bonita, however, was an amazing place. It is located on a hilltop overlooking the ocean, great service and food, fantastic views and plenty to do if you are the nature type.  I highly recommend a stay at this place. It offered relaxation and tranquility.

Casa Bonita
Casa Bonita
Casa Bonita
Casa Bonita
Casa Bonita
Casa Bonita

Come back for our fourth and final post where we will head back to the north coast (Puerto Plata and Sosua) and share a more local experience in Mao.

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