The Dominican Republic Has It All-Part 2

My adventures in the Dominican Republic continued, I decided to visit on of my favorite places due to it uniqueness: El Morro de Monte Cristi.   Located in the north coast near the border of Haiti, this spot is easily accessible as it is at the very end of RD 1, one of the main roads in the island. El Morro is just outside the center of town; it is not frequented much by tourist or locals as access to the beach requires a hike down a path which is dire need of platforms as you descend since erosion has taken a toll on the path. It also lack share, but the view is stunning!


On this trip, the path was too eroded for me to venture down to the beach, but I took in the view form a top the cliff.  Two minutes away I found ‘La Playita’ a small beach on the side of the rode. I parked the car and enjoyed the rest of the day in its warm clear and calm waters. There were a few fishermen’s who were successful in capturing small bates. Sea life including this starfish was a part of the experience.

La Playita.IMG_5235IMG_5239IMG_5246

Catch of the day by a local fisherman. IMG_5264

View from the Hotel Marbella restaurant where I enjoyed lunch.IMG_5268

Stay tuned as I share my adventure on the south coast, including Santo Domingo and Barahona.

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