The Story of Eduardo Rivera

Learn the story of Eduardo Rivera, a farmer from Minnesota, trying to make a living while making a positive impact in his community and making organic produce available to those who are not able to afford the higher price of his crops.

Discover Music: DJ Willie feat. Jay L ‘Pierde’

Here is the just released video for the  DJ Willie feat. Jay L catchy tune Pierde.  Loving the line “Muchas veces para poder ganar, tenemos que perder.”   (Often in order to win, we must be defeated.) Sharing this image of DJ Willie as a Heineken Mezclasonic DJ a few years back.

Summer Days: Original Print Swim Trunks

Summer is around the corner, and while we are still working a fine-tuning our bodies for those beach days, summer styles are already hitting the racks at most retail stores.

Discover Music: Francisca Valenzuela

Born in San Francisco and raised in a Chilean household, Francisca’s been called “Latin America’s most glamorous artist” (Esquire Magazine, Spain) and “One of the newest hit-makers” (New York Times), while her music has been labeled as “an elegant pop that seduces you and then shows its teeth” (La Razón, Spain).